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[What’s the show you’re most into these days?]

Sherlock’! I can’t believe I’ve only watched it now! I started with season 1 and now I only have the last episode of season 3 left. Of course the plot is great, but Benedict Cumberbatch is really an actor that gets more charming the longer you watch him.”
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trwa s/s 2014 
trwa s/s 2014 
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Going to an FTISLAND concert is on my bucket list

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shooter kai | do not edit.
shooter kai | do not edit.
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F is for friends who don’t talk to you.

U is for Ur alone.

N is for never having any plans at all, all you do is sit at home.

Leave me alone, I was alone anyway

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inspired by x

I have no idea what I was expecting from that picture but it wasn’t this. And it’s glorious